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The Spy’s Husband: A BWWM Billionaire Amnesia Romance  by Nia Wilson

Tara : I woke up in a private clinic with a bullet scar in the middle of my forehead and a husband I couldn’t remember. He has a wedding ring, our marriage certificate, and a house deed with both our names on it, but I can’t figure out who he is or why I was shot. With amnesia, I can’t remember anything from my life before that hospital room.

He acts distant and distrusting with me, not like a man in love. And even as my memory starts to come back, I remember nothing about him. Is there something he’s not telling me? Am I bound to get hurt as I feel myself falling in love with him?

Marcus : I’m the CEO of a billion dollar technology company. When I found Tara with a gunshot wound to her head outside my house, I knew she was the culprit of the security breaches we’d been experiencing. I knew she came to steal from me, but I didn’t know what she stole or who she stole it with. When she woke up with amnesia in the clinic, I knew I had to act to get what I wanted; I lied and said we were married. What’s a white lie to save your company, right?

Yet, as I spend more time with her, I wonder if revenge is worth it. Can I handle her leaving when she finds out the truth?

The Spy’s Husband is a full standalone BWWM Billionaire Romance Novel with a happy-ever-after and NO CLIFFHANGER!

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Nia Wilson

From her modest home in Chicago’s south side, Nia Wilson spends her days penning unique stories that are brimming with action and excitement. Fascinated by mobster life, she taps into her city’s rich mob history to create captivating novels loaded with unforgettable characters and situations.

She’s a sucker for a bad boy with a good heart, and that’s evidenced in each riveting tale she tells. In her spare time, Nia enjoys cooking, baking, and dining in Chicago’s world-renowned restaurants. “Nothing beats authentic Chicago pizza!” she proclaims with a chuckle before working on her next gripping novel.

Nia hasn’t met her kind-hearted bad boy yet, but she keeps her eyes open and fingers crossed!