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The Double Life: A BWWM Mafia Romance  by Nia Wilson

Curvaceous Joy Gregory’s simple, quiet life as a piano teacher is nearly destroyed when her stalker, ex-boyfriend gets out of jail. The restraining order she took out on him’s not worth the paper it’s printed on. With him watching her every move, claiming she’s still his, she’s afraid of what he’ll do. She’s afraid for her life.

Handsome and mysterious, next-door neighbor Derek Rossi has a sexy Russian accent and a killer body. He’s also got a beautiful, young son with an impressive talent for music, and the two of them become an unshakeable part of Joy’s life.

But secrets can kill. That’s what they say, and it must be true because bodies start piling up every time Derek’s near. Soon, Joy realizes that even though Derek sets her bed on fire, he’s on a path to burn her entire world to the ground.

Has Joy made the same mistake twice? Has she trusted the wrong man?
Who is the real Derek, and what Dark secrets is he hiding?

“The Double Life” is a stand alone novel, full of twists and turns and a Happily-Ever-After.

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Nia Wilson

From her modest home in Chicago’s south side, Nia Wilson spends her days penning unique stories that are brimming with action and excitement. Fascinated by mobster life, she taps into her city’s rich mob history to create captivating novels loaded with unforgettable characters and situations.

She’s a sucker for a bad boy with a good heart, and that’s evidenced in each riveting tale she tells. In her spare time, Nia enjoys cooking, baking, and dining in Chicago’s world-renowned restaurants. “Nothing beats authentic Chicago pizza!” she proclaims with a chuckle before working on her next gripping novel.

Nia hasn’t met her kind-hearted bad boy yet, but she keeps her eyes open and fingers crossed!