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Love Games (A BWWM Billionaire Romance) by Tiana Cole

Can two headstrong, heart-wary people turn mutual deception into meaningful discoveries?
From oppression to opportunity …
Jade Benoit’s father abandoned her before she was born, so she’s shocked when his will leaves her a run-down estate in South Carolina. After struggling her whole life to make ends meet and take care of her family, this might be their chance to have a real home at last.

From guilt to greed …
Real estate billionaire Carl Roberts can’t heal the scars of his past, so he buries the hurt in piles of money. He’s ruthless in his business dealings — but no matter how much he makes, it’s never enough to ease his inner torment.

They’ll have to work together to survive
Carl sets out to romance Jade into selling him the estate at rock-bottom prices. But the young schoolteacher is wise to him, and decides to turn the tables.

When a hurricane turns north and batters the coast, Jade and Carl are trapped together on the estate, surrounded by rising waters. Has fate given them the chance to find a better path, or will their schemes prove their undoing?


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Tiana Cole

Tiana Cole is a young writer who only recently began having her stories published. At only 30-years-old, Tiana plans to continue her writing for many years to come and seems to have a never ending stream of unique story ideas. Tiana was raised in New York City and currently resides in a small apartment house in Philadelphia with her two adorable cats. She’s yet to meet Mr.Right, but in the meantime enjoys depicting him in her various interracial stories!