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The Doctor’s Healing Love (Contemporary BWWM Romance) by Tiana Cole

As a proud, independent woman, Simone had no intention of being like the other girls in her bank: the ones who slept with the enigmatic billionaire playboy owner, Joshua.

She was there to learn and achieve a higher position in the bank, not sleep her way there.

However, when this blue-eyed hunk makes her an offer she can’t turn down, she feels she has no choice but to accept it. Life has a way of leading you to your true fate, and Simone quickly learns that hers lies in the hands of the last person with whom she would have expected to fall in love.

This is a 15,000 word standalone BWWM romance novella with a HEA.

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Tiana Cole

Tiana Cole is a young writer who only recently began having her stories published. At only 30-years-old, Tiana plans to continue her writing for many years to come and seems to have a never ending stream of unique story ideas. Tiana was raised in New York City and currently resides in a small apartment house in Philadelphia with her two adorable cats. She’s yet to meet Mr.Right, but in the meantime enjoys depicting him in her various interracial stories!