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The Billionaire Breaks Free (A BWWM Romance) by Raven Rivers

Charles Dawson desperately wants out of his dead-end marriage, but his unstable wife has threatened to kill herself if he leaves. The successful software mogul is completely miserable, but he doesn’t want her blood on his hands. When he seeks the help of Dr. Anita Brown, a respected psychiatrist, an unexpected attraction blossoms between them. Unable to deny their feelings for each other, Anita passes the case off to a colleague so she can pursue a relationship with the wealthy entrepreneur.

Things take a surprising turn when Anita’s colleague uncovers more about the billionaire’s wife than any of them had bargained for. Will Charles break free of the possessive woman who’s ruining his life and slowly killing his soul? Will he and Anita find a way to work through his wife’s insanity and begin a life of their own?

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Raven Rivers

From her ranch just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, Destiny Davis escapes the desert heat by spinning yet another gripping novella from the air- conditioned comfort of her modest home. This independent author is a dreamer with a wild imagination, and that’s evidenced by her captivating, original romance stories. Destiny developed a love for the romance genre at an early age and still enjoys reading these books as much as she does writing them. Her style is unique and her writing filled with riveting characters and situations that will have you completely transfixed.

Destiny’s books are hard to put down, and she’s always working on another intriguing tale. In college, Destiny Davis excelled in writing and parlayed that skill into a full-time career penning romance stories and articles for her local newspaper. In her free time, she enjoys horseback riding and spending time with her two yellow Labrador retrievers. She hopes to someday find a man as romantic as the ones she writes!

Destiny loves hearing from her fans and can be reached at: