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Between Her Bosses: Interracial BWWM Billionaire Romance Love Triangle

Every woman has dreams, but Kadeesha could never have imagined a life like this. When she lands an incredible job and catches the romantic attention of one of her blue-eyed billionaire bosses, Chuck, she thought things couldn’t get any better.

Then the darkly-handsome Jacob becomes interested in her as well, and she realizes she was wrong. Especially when the two men decide to share the prize of Kadeesha’s attentions, then her life quickly goes from wonderful to incredible.

However, some men don’t play well with others. That’s especially true of powerful, driven businessmen. When Chuck begins wanting her for just for himself, it won’t be long before Jacob finds out. Two men used to getting what they want will do whatever it takes to win.

Every woman has dreams…but some dreams are better left unrealized.

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Sadie Black

Sadie Black is a 30-something author living on the east coast. She’s married to a man who isn’t a billionaire, but is her happily ever after (and they have four rugrats to prove it). If she isn’t dreaming up steamy romance stories or chasing her children then someone should file a missing person report, because she is always doing one or the other.