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The Billionaire’s Secret Mistress – Part 1 by Destiny Davis

When she’s finally noticed by her billionaire boss, it doesn’t go as planned…

Angela Banner has always been interested in her boss, yet the self-made billionaire never seems to notice her.

Tall and handsome with a chiseled body, the charismatic Dimitri Fox is a notorious ladies man, To her dismay, however, he never once looks her way.
All of that changes when fate lands them in bed after a particularly drunken night…

The following morning, Angela is ecstatic when the charming entrepreneur confesses that he would like to see her again. However, that joy is quickly dampened when he adds that he’s only looking for casual sex.

Will Angela be able to rein in her ever-growing attraction for Dimitri as he battles his own demons and fights to overcome his commitment issues?

This is the first installment of the completed ” The Billionaire’s Secret Mistress ” two-part serial. Part Two is also available

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Destiny Davis

From her ranch just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, Destiny Davis escapes the desert heat by spinning yet another gripping novella from the air- conditioned comfort of her modest home. This independent author is a dreamer with a wild imagination, and that’s evidenced by her captivating, original romance stories. Destiny developed a love for the romance genre at an early age and still enjoys reading these books as much as she does writing them. Her style is unique and her writing filled with riveting characters and situations that will have you completely transfixed.

Destiny’s books are hard to put down, and she’s always working on another intriguing tale. In college, Destiny Davis excelled in writing and parlayed that skill into a full-time career penning romance stories and articles for her local newspaper. In her free time, she enjoys horseback riding and spending time with her two yellow Labrador retrievers. She hopes to someday find a man as romantic as the ones she writes!

Destiny loves hearing from her fans and can be reached at: